Richard & Karen Strait

Richard is US Navy Retired. He was a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman. He served with various US Marine Corps units during his many years with the USMC. He saw combat multiple times and in multiple countries. He was medically retired for war injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. Richard was able to return to college and complete multiple degrees (between inpatient PTSD programs and VA appointments), including Ministry, Worship, and music. He went through Ordination Council after graduating with his ministry and divinity degree. He was approved by the council for ordination. His home church accepted the recommendation and then ordained Richard as a pastor and missionary. He could not have done this without the support of his wife Karen.

Karen was a Warehousemen in the US Marine Corps. She served several years at various bases in the United States and overseas. Karen has been able to go to college and complete several degrees, including a degree in Ministry. After college, Karen worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a clerk and medical assistant for several years. She knows what it is like to deal with the VA as a veteran, spouse, and employee. This gives her a very unique and well rounded insight in regards to dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and the VA. Karen now works with spouses, families, and kids that are struggling with a combat veteran that has PTS.

Richard and Karen served as a pastoral couple for a few years. During that time they felt the Lord calling them to leave church pastoring and go completley into the mission field and help military, veterans, and their families that have and are struggling with the impacts of war and PTSD. They now serve as missionaries to the military and veterans community (and their families) that are dealing with the impact of war and Post-Traumatic Stress.