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Welcome Home Veterans!

Strait Ministries

Hope for Veterans and their Families.

Providing Christian support and spiritual help to military veterans and their families that are struggling with the effects of war, Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), readjustment, and the impact it has on them daily.

With faith, hope, and trust in God; families can go from surviving to thriving.

Thank you First Presbyterian Church of Perryville Missouri!

We are humbled and very thankful for the kindness shown to us by First Presbyterian Church in Perryville Missouri. We had the opportunity to speak with their members on Sunday, July 18th, and to fellow veterans and their families in the Perryville area over several days. We look forward to our return in October.

If you would like to meet with us when we return to Perryville Missouri, please email us.

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We have a group for spouse and significant others. We have another for the combat vet that has Post-Traumatic Stress. Please join us! You are not alone!
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