Spouse & Significant Other Online PTS Support Group

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Spouse & Significant Other Online Post-Traumatic Stress Support Group

Meetings are held every Thursday, 8pm Eastern, via ZOOM for about an hour. Once a month there will be a specific topic/presentation. Otherwise, the meeting will simply be a time where we come together to talk, encourage, support, and help each other. Exchanging a few laughs along the way too. This is your time to learn, ask questions, talk, and help each other. There will be some weeks where there is no meeting due to our mission travel/outreach schedule.

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Group Rules and Code of Conduct

This group is only for combat vets that have Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). It is NOT for the spouse or significant other. This is done to maintain the safety, integrity, and the ability to freely share without fear of reprisal from the spouses or significant others.

Many couples like to share a single email address. However, to receive the email invite to the online meeting or to be allowed to join our online Faithlife group, you each must have your own separate email address. Again, this is to help maintain the safety, integrity, and the ability to freely share without fear of reprisal from the spouses or significant others.

Be committed to attend the virtual meetings. 

This is not professional counseling, nor should it be considered such. We are a faith-based peer to peer support group.

While we are a faith-based/Christ-centered group, we are not affiliated with a specific church location or denomination.

Anything said in our group stays in our group. Trust takes time to build but only moments to destroy. Let’s maintain privacy within our group.

There is NO RANK. In this group, we are all equals working toward the goal of healing.

Trauma is tricky. Each one of us experiences trauma differently. What is traumatic for one person is just a day on the job for another. None of us can judge another person’s level of trauma. Because each of us has experienced different things, we do not all enter the group looking for answers to the same question. 

Be respectful of each other always.

No taking the Lord’s or Jesus name in vain.

No F Bombs

No threats of violence.

If you feel triggered, please let one of the facilitators know and we will call you directly.

If you are troubled and need immediate help, let one of the facilitators know.

No Alcohol or drug use during our virtual meetings.

No kids should be within hearing and video range. 

No War Stories or trying to trump another person’s trauma with the “I have it worse than you.” Remember, be respectful.

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