Combat Vets Online Support Group

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Combat Vet Peer to Peer Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) Virtual/Online Support Group

The Combat Vet Peer to Peer group meets virtually via ZOOM.  The format of the meetings is simple. We meet every week and simply talk to see how everyone is doing, share with each other (hopefully some laughs too), and get feedback from each other. Last week of the month we have a specific topic of discussion. Some topics are the various treatment programs offered by the VA, moral and spiritual injury, hobbies that help, anger management, dealing with people, how to survive Memorial Day, how to survive Independence Day, and other major holidays. Those are just a few of the topics. At times, we will have a guest speaker join us to answer some questions on topics such as medications, getting VA care while traveling, and filing claims with the VA. We ask that you be committed to attending and participating in the weekly meetings. If you have a topic or something you would like us to discuss in the meeting, please let me know. Please do not share the meeting links with anyone. If someone would like to join, please have them contact Strait Ministries directly.

The meetings are only open to combat vets with PTS/PTSD. Spouse, significant others, etc., are not allowed in the groups. They should also not be within hearing and seeing distance of you while in the meeting. Having an email address that is shared with another is also not allowed. We know many couples share the same email address. That has caused problems in our groups and among the couples when one reads an email that they feel portrays them poorly. The resulting anger has led to abusive behavior. So, we no longer allow shared email addresses. This is to help maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and security of the group. It also allows each person in the relationship that avenue to vent and talk without fear, condemnation, or fear of reprisal. 

We ask that you be committed to attending. The attendance varies week. Sometimes there is a decent turn out and then other weeks, there is no one that shows. Again, we ask that you be committed to attending and participating in the meetings. We also ask those attending to have their camera on during the meeting.

By attending the group, you are stating that you have read and understand our Combat Vet P2P PTS Support Group Rules and Code of Conduct and agree to abide by them. Failure to do so could result in you being removed from the meeting.

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Group Rules & Code of Conduct

This group is only for combat vets that have Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). It is NOT for the spouse or significant other. This is done to maintain the safety, integrity, and the ability to freely share without fear of reprisal from the spouses or significant others.

Many couples like to share a single email address. However, to receive the email invite to the online meeting or to be allowed to join our online Faithlife group, you each must have your own separate email address. Again, this is to help maintain the safety, integrity, and the ability to freely share without fear of reprisal from the spouses or significant others.

Be committed to attend the virtual meetings. 

This is not professional counseling, nor should it be considered such. We are a faith-based peer to peer support group.

While we are a faith-based/Christ-centered group, we are not affiliated with a specific church location or denomination.

Anything said in our group stays in our group. Trust takes time to build but only moments to destroy. Let’s maintain privacy within our group.

There is NO RANK. In this group, we are all equals working toward the goal of healing.

Trauma is tricky. Each one of us experiences trauma differently. What is traumatic for one person is just a day on the job for another. None of us can judge another person’s level of trauma. Because each of us has experienced different things, we do not all enter the group looking for answers to the same question. 

Be respectful of each other always.

No taking the Lord’s or Jesus name in vain.

No F Bombs

No threats of violence.

If you feel triggered, please let one of the facilitators know and we will call you directly.

If you are troubled and need immediate help, let one of the facilitators know.

No Alcohol or drug use during our virtual meetings.

No kids should be within hearing and video range. 

No War Stories or trying to trump another person’s trauma with the “I have it worse than you.” Remember, be respectful.

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